Protherm - offering you full system solution

Protherm - offering you full system solution

Protherm Product Range

Over 20 years of commitment to top quality, reliability and exceptional durability have made Protherm one of the Europe's leading heating manufacturers. We have built our reputation on delivering products which are straightforward, dependable and designed with you in mind.

At Protherm, we have a clearly defined range of products. This includes conventional and highly efficient boilers – Lynx and Lynx S – that supply homes with warmth and hot water. In the near future heat pumps that are used to support renewable energy systems and solar-powered solutions will also be included in the range.
In addition, we also provide the corresponding accessories for all product categories. All of our appliances are manufactured using proven technology and the best materials – because we know that this is the only recipe for guaranteeing maximum quality in our products.

  • Wall Hung Boilers

    Wall Hung Boilers Wall Hung Boilers

    We have non condensing combination boilers with the range from 18 kw-30 kw to suit your budget and space requirements.Our high efficiency bithermal or monothermal combination boilers comply with governmental requirements with energy grade 2.

  • Radiators

    Radiators Radiators

    Our new Protherm steel panel radiators which are decoratively and slimly designed have a wide range and high output levels and are simple to install .